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About Our Firm

I believe in being direct with my evaluation of your legal issues.   I respect your time and anxiety dealing with serious and sensitive family matters.  As a small firm, I provide flexibility, accessibility and attention with the skills and expertise of large-firm lawyers.  You are hiring me and my expertise. Your case won't be handed off to a paralegal or young associate requiring a learning curve at your expense.

I handle all types and sizes of cases, and have a wealth of experience in representing both mothers and fathers in contested and mediated parenting disputes. I represent clients from all walks of life:  police officers and firemen, stay-at-home parents, corporate executives, and high-net worth individuals. I don't provide cookie-cutter representation. 

One of the difficulties of being a family law attorney is a public perception of being nasty and self-serving.  I emphasize civil and amicable experiences at every stage of family law proceedings. I use tools and resources to make your divorce or family law matters as cost-effective, low-stress, and smooth as possible for you and your children's best interest. I can be a strong advocate for my clients without being adversarial to arrive at an agreement that works for both parties.

Most of my cases resolve amicably.  However, some cases simply require an aggressive approach in court when settlement is not an option, or the opposing party refuses to compromise.

I welcome the opportunity to help you with your family law case no matter how complex or straightforward you believe it might be. 

Fees and Payments

An initial consultation is one of the most valuable services I offer. My initial consult fee is offered at the reduced rate of $150 for one hour. I invite you to come in for an initial consultation regarding your case to learn more about your case and determine if we make a good attorney-client fit. Once I know more about your circumstances, I can better estimate your legal fees and possible costs of any future representation. I offer limited-service contracts, consulting contracts, and traditional retainer agreements.