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  • Family Law. Personalized.

    When your children, finances, and future are at risk, it is critical that you protect your interests. It is difficult to make decisions when facing emotional and life-changing events. You need the right legal advocate carefully protecting your interests throughout the process. I offer personal attention, accessibility, and strategic planning to ensure achievement of your overall goals for the future.

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  • Guiding you at every step.

    Every step taken in ending a relationship is critical. Divorce, leaving a relationship, making parenting arrangements, or being served with legal documents: every decision made has long-term serious legal, financial, and practical consequences. I am here for you at every step to thoroughly explain the financial and emotional consequences of your decisions to achieve the best outcome for your family.

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  • Experience a Better Break-up

    This is not your parent’s divorce. The break-up of a relationship shouldn’t be dehumanizing, bankrupt you, or drag on for years. We live a quickly changing economic and real estate environment. You deserve solutions now. I find strategies for timely and positive outcomes to difficult problems allowing you to move forward with your life.

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“Holly is very thorough and detail-oriented, but she also worked to minimize conflict and pick and choose our battles to keep my fees lower...My biggest regret was not listening to her advice from the beginning....”
- J., Former client

“She clearly cares about her clients during this emotional process. I highly recommend her skills and compassionate advocacy.”
- Bill, Former client

“Holly was very easy to work with and was flexible in allowing us to set our own terms for our divorce. The result was that, even though divorce is a difficult thing to go through, the process was seamless and we ended up with the terms we had chosen.”
- Anonymous, Former client


The Law Office of Holly Hermon is a boutique law firm located in the Interbay area of Seattle dedicated exclusively to family law matters.

I established this firm with the objective of representing every client the way I would want a family member represented at a difficult time. I am dedicated to helping men and women clients find cost-effective, creative, and efficient resolutions of even the most contentious family law matters. There is always a strategy for a positive outcome.

My services start with an evaluation of your legal concerns and goals, educating clients to enable their informed decision-making and analyzing all possible outcomes.  This is followed by continuous coaching and counseling through each step of the legal process. I believe that parties need to approach any break-up as a transactional affair.  I recognize the difficulty in approaching a business transaction when there is emotional pain, poor communication, and unexpected life changes. I work carefully and closely with every client to ensure you are making strategic and smart decisions to achieve your legal and financial goals.

My practice includes representation in litigation and mediation of marriage dissolution, paternity and father's rights, dependency/CPS matters, custody and parenting time, spousal maintenance, non-parental custody, child support, the division of separate and community property, distribution and tracing of complex assets, stock awards and options, business valuation, and modifications of prior court orders. I offer full and limited service representation at all stages of proceedings.

Problems do not go away by themselves. If you or your loved one is facing a family legal situation, feel free to contact my office in confidence. I understand that matters are time-sensitive, and offer flexible scheduling of appointments. I am happy to meet and discuss your family law case, advise you about possible outcomes and options, and assist you in gaining control of your situation.  

Your time is precious.

Life happens. Change happens quickly. I understand how busy you are. I am flexible to meet and consult with you based upon your needs and schedule. I recognize the sensitive nature of family matters, and offer discretion and privacy. Feel welcome to call for a consultation at 206.294.6320.

Practice Areas


Involvement with Child Protective Services allegations and investigations of child abuse or neglect can be frightening. Early intervention and communication with CPS is key.

Pre-Nuptial and Post-Nuptial Agreements

A contract made before or during a couple's marriage determining how property will be divided upon divorce or a death of a party. Co-habitation agreements protect property between two people living together.

Fees and Payments

An initial consultation is one of the most valuable services I offer. My initial consult fee is offered at the reduced rate of $150 for one hour. I invite you to come in for an initial consultation regarding your case to learn more about your case and determine if we make a good attorney-client fit. Once I know more about your circumstances, I can better estimate your legal fees and possible costs of any future representation. I offer limited-service contracts, consulting contracts, and traditional retainer agreements.